Rejuvenating Gel w/Growth Factors

A skin treatment of great effectiveness, utilizing the most recent advances in skin care science, Rejuvenating Gel contains a complex of human growth factors and other powerful ingredients that can dramatically improve skin texture and appearance.
Rejuvenating Gel uses several key human growth factors, known to benefit skin.
* Epidermal Growth Factor, or EGF – A protein of 53 amino acids, EGF controls and stimulates the proliferation of epidermal cells, including fibroblasts, and EGF has been clinically shown to promote regeneration of the epidermis and the generation of granulation tissues following severe burns
* Transforming Growth Factor, or TGF-b-1 – TGF-beta is a related protein to EGF, and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. TGF-beta has also been found to be a regulator of the inflammatory response systems, and it is a very potent regulator of wound healing.
* Interleukin-8 or IL-8 – IL8 is a cytokine protein of 72 amino acids. IL-8 works as a “marker” for other proteins like EGF and TGF to identify damaged cells for repair and growth.
These growth factors are essential proteins for repairing wounds and for cell regeneration and renewal. Applied to skin care together, these growth factors can help skin cells reproduce more rapidly, and increase skin’s ability to repair damage, both of which lead to skin that looks and feels healthy, young, and vibrant.
Several of the currently available growth factor-based products require a second product for moisturization. Rejuvenating Gel, however, incorporates an excellent moisture and recovery complex to support the growth factors (and eliminating the need for two products). We include Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful moisturizer excellent for skin, as well as Vitamin B5 and Sodium DNA & RNA, to reinforce and help rebuild damaged skin.

Rejuvenating Gel is best used in daytime, but can also be used at night if desired. The gel is formulated for very minimal irritation, and can also be used in the sensitive eye regions, as well as the neck and hands.

Rejuvenating Gel w/Growth Factors

Purpose: Facial Intensive Regeneration Treatment
Key Ingredients: Growth Factor complex (EGF, TGF-b-1, IL-8), Hylauronic Acid, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Sodium DNA & RNA, Tripeptide-1
Unit Sizes: 1 oz. (30ml)
Suggested Usage: Use once daily, on face, neck and hands. OK for use in Eye region.
Skin Types: All types.

Growth Factor Complex Clinical Study

A clinical study was recently performed using a growth factor complex consisting of hEGF (human Epidermal Growth Factor), hTGF-b-1 (human Transforming Growth Factor Beta-1), and IL-8 (interleuken-8). This study was performed on 30 subjects compared against a control gel. The study lasted 90 days with a twice-daily application of a gel-type substance. The purpose of the study was to determine any cosmetic effects, particularly against deep lines and furrows (or “crows feet”) in the periorbital eye area.

The compared results of the survey concluded that, averaging out for the survey
• An average of 15% improvement in roughness, compared to placebo
• The average maximum difference between highest peak and deepest furrows was 33 micrometers
• A mean average of 21 micrometers between peaks and furrows

After the 90 day study, most patients in the study (62%) reported a general modification of the skin and improvement on crows feet, and 88% say they would continue to use the formula if offered.